Gay Men were Attacked in Ganja

On September 2, two gay men were attacked in Samukh district of Ganja city. LGBTI+ rights activist Ali Malikov informed Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance about the event.

According to them, the attackers brutally beat the gay men and wanted to throw them off the bridge, saying “we don’t want people like you here.”

Ali Malikov said in their latest post: “Look at the reality of Azerbaijan! He has not yet been able to take photo of his face. I shudder.”

gay azərbaycan

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According to the latest reports of ILGA-Europe, an independent, international non-governmental organisation that unites more than 600 organizations from 54 countries of Europe and Central Asia, Azerbaijan is the worst country amongst 49 countries politically, socially and legally for LGBTI+s to live .