Baku City Executive Power Considered the March to be Purposeless

The Baku City Executive Power has responded to the notification letter sent by the organising committee of the “8 March – We Want to Live” march, stating that they do not consider the march to be purposeful.

The organising committee of the march had previously sent a letter to the executive power to inform them about the march, which is scheduled to take place on March 8th.

In response, the Baku City Executive Power stated that they did not see the march as serving a purpose. However, the organising committee of the march has asserted their constitutional right to assembly and has vowed to proceed with the march regardless of the executive power’s response.

In a statement posted on the march’s Facebook page, the organising committee reiterated their intention to exercise their right to freedom of assembly, stating that “it is our fundamental right!”.

The “8 March – We Want to Live” march has been an annual event for the past five years, with feminists using the occasion of International Women’s Day to highlight issues facing women in Azerbaijan, including violence, discrimination, and inequality.

Despite the executive power’s response, the organising committee of the march remains determined to proceed with the event and make their voices heard.