LGBTQI+ rights activists protest against the arrests of trans community members

Today, on May 23, LGBTQI+ activists gathered to protest against the recent arrests of a trans community members.

On May 22, videos circulated on social media showing confrontations between the police and three trans individuals in Baku’s Xetai district.

The footage depicted the trans individuals being detained after an altercation with the police. According to a statement given to Meydan TV by one of the trans activists, the incident on May 22 was sparked by the police’s alleged disrespect and degradation of the trans community’s honour and dignity.

In demand for the release of the detained individuals, activists advocating for LGBTQ+ rights gathered in front of the 37th Police Department. Among them were activists from Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance Ali Malikov, Javid Nabiyev, and several others, who were also subsequently detained by the police.

Meydan TV/Protest by activists

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has confirmed that an investigation into the incident is underway, according to a statement given to Meydan TV.

Lawyer Zibeyde Sadigova stated that Javid Nabiyev and Ali Malikov, who were detained in front of the 37th Police Department in Xetai district, are currently being held at the 36th Police Department.

No specific reasons for their arrest have been provided by the police department. 

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