Rainbow Map and Index 2023

For over a decade, ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Map and Index has been a crucial tool for benchmarking LGBTQI+ rights across Europe. In the present edition, Malta continues to hold the number one spot, while Azerbaijan ranks last with a score of 2%. 

Rainbow Map and Index

The Rainbow Map uses 74 criteria across seven categories, including equality, family, and asylum. Throughout the year, relevant data sets are collected and verified with LGBTI human rights defenders, researchers, lawyers, and other experts from the 49 countries of Europe. The map and index are updated and launched during the IDAHOT Forum, an annual intergovernmental focal point meeting of the Council of Europe about LGBTI rights. 

The Rainbow Map and Index offer an accurate and evolving picture of what LGBTI people need and what matters to the lives of people in different parts of LGBTI communities across Europe. Countries expanding their legislative horizons are moving up in the ranking.

ILGA-Europe released their Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex People in Azerbaijan for the year 2022 in February. The report examines the progress made in Azerbaijan towards improving the legal and policy situation of LGBTQI+s and provides concrete examples of on-the-ground situations at the national level.

The report recommends the establishment of an equality body with an explicit mandate on SOGIESC grounds, the development of equality action plans that include all SOGIESC grounds, and the inclusion of all SOGIESC grounds in legislation prohibiting discrimination in health, employment, education, and goods and services.

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