First Training Session of Animation Course | Fem-Utopia

The Fem-Utopia Animation course designed to promote gender diversity in the field of animation and support women’s economic freedom, has held its first training session.

The participants, who are eager to learn and create, were engaged in the first training of the course today. Lawyer Vefa Rustam joined the participants in the session and provided valuable information on women’s rights, equality, and justice.

The training was followed by group work, where the participants presented their projects on gender equality, showing their understanding of the concept and how it could be applied in the field of animation.

The Fem-Utopia Animation course aims to increase women’s representation in the animation industry and empower them to be independent by providing them with valuable knowledge and skills. The course also encourages women to explore their creativity and express themselves through their animations.

The course is expected to make a significant contribution to the animation industry and women’s empowerment. It is hoped that through this course, more women will be inspired to pursue their passions in the animation industry.

The course is set to continue for the upcoming weeks, and it is expected to deliver even more exciting sessions that will enable participants to develop their skills and unleash their creativity.

The Fem-Utopia Animation course is an essential step towards creating a more inclusive and diverse world of animation, where every individual can express their unique talents and creativity, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.

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