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Fem-Utopia has recommended a list of books on gender-based violence that are available to read for free. The initiative is inviting everyone who is interested in learning more about gender-based violence and women’s rights to visit their feminist library at Baku Community Space.

The list includes 14 titles covering various aspects of gender-based violence, including sexual harassment at work, child marriage, and violence against women. The list also includes resources for understanding gender and reproductive health rights in Azerbaijan, as well as tools for dealing with male violence.

The books can be borrowed free of charge for a period of one month. The feminist library is aiming to provide a platform for education and discussion around issues of gender and equality in Azerbaijan. 

Fem-Utopia’s initiative is an important step towards promoting awareness and education around gender-based violence in Azerbaijan. With the help of these resources, individuals can better understand and combat the issues surrounding gender-based violence, working towards a more equal and just society for all.

Fem-Utopia, an Azerbaijani-language online platform that aims to spread feminist ideas and create video content, was founded on May 30, 2020.

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