Kalben Hangs Trans Pride Flag at Baku Concert, Sends Message of Inclusivity

Kalben – a well-known singer from Türkiye had the opportunity to visit Baku, Azerbaijan for the first time in her career. The talented musician revealed how it took her five albums before she finally made it to the city. She shared her experiences on social media, detailing all the exciting events she participated in during her visit.

A night of trans inclusivity and music

Kalben kicked off her visit by performing some of her favorite songs to a lively crowd in Baku. She shared the experience with her fans, mentioning how singing helped her heal and how the light of the crowd leaked out from the ruins of her soul. She even wrapped a trans flag around her chest, showing support for the LGBTQ+ community. Singer from Türkiye, Kalben made a powerful statement in support of trans rights during her concert in Baku on March 10th. The musician hung the trans pride flag on stage, a move that was met with applause and appreciation from the audience.

In an emotional Instagram post following the concert, Kalben reflected on the significance of the moment. “I wrapped Miray Deniz’s trans flag around my chest,” she wrote. “I sang these songs like I was praying for all races, languages, religions, genders, identities, and beings to live, love, and be together, whether they are single or multiple.”

Video: Qıy Vaar!

A celebration of culture

Kalben stumbled upon a wonderful concert during her visit to Baku. She attended the event at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic, which showcased some of the best camera and organ music. She also had the opportunity to attend her first opera, Tosca by Puccini, which she found captivating and inspiring.

Kalben expressed how difficult it can be to work in her own country and how people can be quick to turn on you. She emphasised the importance of living in the moment and celebrating life. The singer vowed to continue singing until all love, people, animals, and forests have the right to live equally all over the world.

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