Survey on Situation of Discrimination, Violence, and other Violations of Rights against LGBTIQ+ Citizens

A survey has been launched to investigate the situation of discrimination, violence, and other violations of rights against LGBTIQ+ citizens based on their gender identity and sexual orientation. The survey aims to collect data that can be used to develop recommendations for the collection of LGBTQ+ data and the assurance of our rights.

The survey is anonymous and participants are encouraged to indicate if they do not have an answer to any of the questions. In such cases, they can move on to the next question. Additionally, individuals who have not experienced the event described in any question can include their answer in the “Other” section.

You can fill the survey using this link.

The survey is being conducted by Queerdian and individuals who have any questions or need support can contact this address:

It is crucial in providing a better understanding of the situation of discrimination, violence, and other violations of rights against LGBTIQ+ citizens. The data collected from the survey can be used to develop recommendations for improving the legal protection and ensuring the rights of LGBTIQ+ individuals.

It is important to note that discrimination against LGBTIQ+ citizens is a significant issue that needs to be addressed. In Azerbaijan, LGBTI+s face severe challenges in their daily lives, ranging from discrimination in the workplace to violence and persecution.

This is an important step towards creating a better understanding of the issues facing LGBTIQ+ individuals and developing strategies to address them. The anonymity of the survey ensures that individuals can provide honest and accurate responses, which will ultimately contribute to a better understanding of the situation.

The aim of the Queerdian initiative is to improve the needs and rights of LGBTIQ+ citizens in Azerbaijan for greater societal awareness, to create and maintain better information resources for the LGBTI+ individuals.

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