Feminists Pushed by Police During March for Women’s Rights in Azerbaijan

During the recent march for women’s rights in Azerbaijan, feminists and LGBTI+s were pushed by the police, causing some protestors’ condition to worsen. Witnesses reported that the police crowd was pushing and shoving the protesters, and the feminists were caught in the middle of it.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was visibly shaken and had difficulty breathing for some minutes. She was on the verge of fainting when other protesters came to her aid.

In addition to the physical altercation, the police used force to confiscate shutter bombs from the protesters. The use of force by law enforcement against peaceful protesters has sparked outrage amongst feminists and LGBTI+ rights activists.

The feminist community in Azerbaijan has been advocating for women’s rights and an end to gender-based violence for some time. Despite facing opposition and pushback from the government and conservative groups, they have continued to speak out and demand change. The incident during the recent march highlights the ongoing challenges faced by activists and organisers in the fight for gender equality and justice.

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